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Clear Choices in Dentistry

NOV 12

Adult orthodontic cases are on a dramatic rise due to modern advancements in technology, more specifically in those cases that involve correcting misaligned, overcrowded, and crooked teeth through the use of clear braces and aligners like Invisalign. The likeliness that you already know of someone utilizing this form of correction is quite high, and given the nature of these incognito smile-enhancers, it’s a possibility that you aren’t even aware that they do.

This “hidden treatment” aspect is precisely why Invisalign has become so popular among more mature dental patients, as those heavily-wired metal braces just don’t seem to provide enough incentive through long-term benefits to make adults want to walk around resembling the pages from a middle school yearbook. Clear braces provide the sense of comfort and control that older patients deserve, allowing for the simultaneous benefits of correcting their smile in a subtle, yet highly effective way, and having the freedom to remove their braces at any ideal point, for any reason. Creating a treatment that allows us as adults to continue making choices like adults is pure and simply genius.

One of these freedoms that we like to talk about, and overall one of the biggest perks of using Invisalign treatment over metal braces, is having the final say on what we can eat and when. Removing your orthodontic appliance before meals allows for a patient to completely eliminate the restrictions that encumber those wearing traditional braces. This is an obvious advantage, but the less-obvious factor is the effect that it has on the way we feel about our treatment. Happiness plays a big role in the effectiveness of a treatment that requires as much dedication as straightening one’s teeth, as the length of time required to get desired results can often range well beyond a year. This freedom to eat what we like and partake in social events without showcasing your orthodontic treatment is precisely what redefined the field of cosmetic dentistry.

That being said, there are so many advantages to correcting and straightening your smile through orthodontic treatment as an adult, it is truly for the benefit of oral health everywhere that such a revolutionary product became available to mouths everywhere. Having straight, properly aligned teeth opens up the door for a far more effective oral hygiene routine. Allowing for patients to properly clean around and between teeth without concern for impossible-to-reach areas that occur from overlapping and overcrowding bites dramatically reduces plaque buildup, and in turn reduces the risk of tooth decay that results from the harmful bacteria hiding therein. Having proper spacing between teeth even creates a more ideal opportunity for maintaining the health of our gum tissue by allowing for floss to reach well below the gum line and along the soft, vulnerable areas where problems tend to develop more frequently.

Clear braces like Invisalign are truly changing the world of dentistry for the better by providing adult patients the opportunity to enhance their smile, confidence level, and overall oral health in ways that were once completely unavailable. Today, this option is becoming more common and even more affordable, opening doors for people all across the world that may not have previously been presented with an opportunity to develop that perfect smile they always wanted. Now, more than ever, there is a very good reason to smile about orthodontics.

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